It is our intention to make our research capabilities and technological background available for companies on a service basis. Typical examples include measurements using our vast experimental and analytical capabilities, literature studies, feasibility studies, design studies, simulation work and other types of services.


  • RCPE provides independent R&D in the field of pharmaceutical engineering, bridging the gap between science and industrial applications
  • Diversity in research activities: small preparatory studies (literature review, initial measurements, proof of concept) up to extensive multi-year research programs are possible
  • Defined IPRs provide maximum benefit for industrial partners
  • Long-term cooperation with the RCPE possible
  • RCPE can provide scientific partners if required
  • RCPE can provide additional industrial partners

Our highly-motivated and experienced research team assures rapid results and customer satisfaction. In summary, we see ourselves as a “one stop shop” for our customers by providing whole package solutions for the scientific, research and development challenges of the future.

We see us as „One-stop-shop“ for research projects and services.