Modeling and Prediction

This area deals with modeling and simulation of fluid and granular/powder form media using a broad spectrum of industrial and scientific simulation tools. Coupled simulations of fluid-article interactions to study movement, substance exchange and heat transfer are performed, as well as simulations of processes/single unit operations. In addition, special models are developed.

Our services

  • Customer-specific special model development for (partial) processes of relevant production methods in the pharmaceutical and other branches
  • Process design assistance through advanced simulation and evaluation of the results
  • Optimization analysis of existing processes through simulations
  • Visualization of latent (hidden), invisible process sequences

The area concentrates on the development and integration of computer-assisted methods for description, simulation, design, optimization and control of product function and the associated manufacturing processes. The spectrum of the simulation-based methods includes creating robust and real-time models for process simulations of entire process chains.

  • Improving process understanding through structured modeling approaches
  • Storage, suitable visualization and evaluation of data from simulations and/or experiments in parameteric studies (DoE)
  • Multiscale modeling and simulation of pharmaceutical microstructures in relation to the process, performance and quality, e.g., modeling of nucleation/crystallization of small/large molecules, molecular dynamics simulation and atomistic modeling of diverse physical and chemical interactions/transitions in complex formulation matrices