• Understanding and optimization of granular flows can be supported by DEM – simulations (discrete element methods).
  • The DEM – code XPS is developed in-house and therefore highly flexible.
  • Due to the utilization of graphic cards simulations of more than 20 mil particles are feasible.
  • It’s possible to simulate different shaped particles.
  • Complex geometries can be handled.
  • Diverse materials can be incorporated.
  • The granules can interact with a second phase (e.g. Fluidization)
  • Spraying, conductive heat transfer etc. can be included.

A1_Content_CFD-DEM 25Mil Particles FB

CFD-DEM 25Mil Particles Fluidized Bed





DEM Applications

  • A lot of different processes dealing with granular flows can be simulated and in consequence optimized using DEM. e.g.:
    • Mixing
    • Tablet coating
    • Powder transport
  • Particle velocities and trajectories are calculated at each point in time and therefore give an enormous scope for analyzing a process. e.g.:
    • Mixing time / index
    • Coating homogeneity
    • Residence time in spray zone
    • Stress analysis
    • Segregation tendency

A1_Content_DEM-Tablet Coating
Tablet Coating

DEM Mixer

A1_Content_DEM-DEM Screw Conveyor
DEM Screw Conveyor

A1_Content_DEM-Real Shape Tablets Logo

Real Shape Tablets Logo