Gluing pills – novel combination of API

  • Better content (weight and uniformity) control of individual drug layers
  • Reduce cross-contamination of API
  • Reduce waste and out-of-spec (OOS) products
  • Implementation in all state-of-the-art coating processes
  • Application examples: infectious diseases (HIV) and multidrug resistance tuberculosis
A2_Advanced Drug Delivery Systems - Gluing Pills
Gluing Pills

Personalized medizine by printing

  • Flexible production of personalized drugs
  • Precise tailoring of does and API combination
  • Minimal to no waste
  • Potential for 100% in-line QA
  • Ideal for manufacturing personalized high-potency medicine or adaptive clinical trial applications
A2_Advanced Drug Delivery Systems - Personalized Medicine
Printed medicine schematic and personalized oral drug films