Analytical Services

Attribute Measurement Principle Measurement Device
Particle Size Laser Diffraction HELOS KR
Facilities_A2_Laser Diffraction_Helos_Sympatec
Particle Size Laser Diffraction Mastersizer 2000
Facilities_A2_Laser Diffraction_Mastersizer_Malvern
Particle Size and Shape Dynamic Picture Analysis QICPIC
Facilities_A2_Dynamic Picture Analysis_Qicpic_Sympatec
Particle Size Dynamic Light Scattering Nano ZS
Facilities_A2_Dynamic Light Scattering_Nano ZS_Malvern
Density Gas Pressure Differential AccuPyc 1340 Helium Pyknometer
Facilities_A2_Gas Pressure Differential_AccuPyc_Micromeritics
(Compacted) Bulk Density Volume Change of Bulk Powder PT-TD200
Facilities_A2_Vol Change Bulk Powder_PT-TD200_Pharmatest
Flow Properties / Fluidisation Segregation / Cohesion / Friction Angle Normal Force, Shear Strength and Torque FT4 Powder Rheometer System
Facilities_A2_Force, Strength, Torque_FT4 Rheometer_Freeman Techn
Particle Size and Shape in Fluid Dispersion Flow-Through Microscopy MFI 5100
(Protein Simple)
Facilities_A2_Flow-Through Microscopy_MFI5100_Protein Simple
 Zeta Potential Laser Doppler Micro-Electrophoresis Nano ZS
 Facilities_A2_Laser Doppler Micro-Electrophoresis_Nano ZS_Malvern
Dissolution Rate / in vitro Drug Release Information Dissolution Apparatus USP 1 (Basket) and USP 2 (Paddle) / UV Spectrophotomete DT820LH (Erweka) + UV/ViS Lambda 25
(Perkin Elmer)
Facilities_A2_Dissolution, UV Spectrophotometer_DT820_Erweka_Lambda_Perkin
Friability Exposure of Tablets to Mechanical Shock and Attrition PTF10E
Facilities_A2_Exposure of Tablets_PTF10E_PharmaTest
Density  / Velocity of Sound Oscillating U-tube Sensor DSA 5000 M
(Anton Paar)
Facilities_A2_Ocillation U-tube Sensor_DSA5000M_Anton Paar
Specific Surface / Porosity Gas Adsorption
Krypton / Nitrogen,
BET (Brunauer–Emmett–Teller) theory
Tristar II 3020
Facilities_A2_Gas Adsorption_Tristar_Micromeritics
Specific Surface / Porosity Gas Adsorption  Nitrogen, BET (Brunauer–Emmett–Teller) theory ASAP 2000
Facilities_A2_Gas Adsorption_ASAP 2000_Micromeritics
Structure / Polymorphism / Inner Surface Small and Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering (SWAXS) S3-Micro SWAXS
Secondary Protein Structure / Extruder Residence Time Raman Scattering
(Flexible Process Probe)
RXN2 Hybrid
(Kaiser Optics)
 Facilities_A2_Raman Scattering_RXN2 Hybrid_Kaiser Optics
Concentration /Enzyme Kinetics UV/VIS Spectroscopy (Transmission, Absorption) Lambda 950
(Perkin Elmer)
 Facilities_A2_UV,VIS Spectroscopy_Lambda 950_Perkin
Concentration / Reaction Kinetics Fourier Transform IR/Near-IR Spectroscopy (Transmission, Absorption, Diffuse Reflection) Spectrum 400
 Facilities_A2_Fourier Transform IR, Near-IR_Spectrum400_Perkin
Concentration / Polymorphism / Surface Mapping Raman Scattering (Scan Stage, Flexible Probe) RamanStation 400
Facilities_A2_Raman Scattering_RamanStation_Perkin
Concentration / Reaction Kinetics In-line Near-IR Spectroscopy (Diffuse Reflection) SentroPAT FO
Probes: DR LS 300
Facilities_A2_In-line Near IR_SentroPAT_Sentronic_Probes_Dynisco
Concentration Seperation via Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Acquity UPLC + MS
Facilities_A2_Seperation via Chromotography_Acquity UPLC, MS_Waters
Concentration Seperation via Liquid Chromatography / Photo Diode Array Detector Agilent 1260 HPLC + PDA
Facilities_A2_Seperation via Chromotography_1260 HPLC, PDA_Agilent
Identification of Substances Triple- Quad Mass Spectroscopy Alliance HPLC + MS
Facilities_A2_Triple-Quad Mass Spectroscopy_Alliance HPLC, MS_Waters
Concentration Seperation via Gas Chromatography Clarus500
Facilities_A2_Seperation via Gas Chromotography_Clarus500_Perkin
Contact Angle / Surface Tension Sessile Drop and Captive Bubble Method (Static & Dynamic) Easydrop
 Facilities_A2_Sessile Drop, Catpive Bubble_Easydrop_Kruess
Contact Angle / Surface Tension Washburn Method for Powders / Sessile Drop and Captive Bubble KT100
 Facilities_A2_Washburn Method, Sessile Drop, Captive Bubble_KT100_Kruess
Nanoparticle Inclusion Spray Drying (Piezoelectric Pulverizer) Nano Spray Dryer B-90
Facilities_A2_Spray Drying_Nano Spray Dryer B-90_Buechi
Residual Moisture Content Karl Fischer Titration TitroLine 7500 KF
(SI Analytics)
Facilities_A2_Karl Fischer Titration_TitroLine7500KF_SI Analytics
Particle Shape / Imaging Microscopy DM4000  with DFC290 Camera
Weight (Precision 0.01 mg) High Precision Scale XP205DR /m
(Mettler Toledo)
 Facilities_A2_High Precision Scale_XP205DR_Mettler
Characterize Flow of Materials / Elasticity EC Motor Drive with Normal Force and Torque Sensor Physica MCR 300
(Anton Paar)
Facilities_A2_EC Motor Drive_Physica MCR300_Anton Paar
Transformation Enthalpies / Specific Heat Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC 204 F1 Phönix
 Facilities_A2_Differential Scanning Calorimetry_DSC204F1 Phoenix_Netzsch
Particle Separation due to differences in their size, shape, or density Sifting Segregation Jenike & Johanson
Segregation Tester SS1
Facilities_A2_Sifting Segregation_SS1_Jenike, Johanson
Testing of inhaled products, measuring the aerodynamic particle size distribution Inertial Impaction Copley Scientific
Cascade Impactor
Facilities_A2_Inertial Impaction_Copley Scientific Cascade Impactor
Raman microscopy with Hot Stage Option observe vibrational, rotational, and other low-frequency modes Bruker Senterra
Raman Microscope
Facilities_A2_observe low-frequency modes_Bruker Senterra_Raman Microscope

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