European Consortium for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (ECCPM)

ECCPM’s benefits for industry

  • Access to consolidated scientific expertise, an international and focused network as well as existing platform technologies for continuous manufacturing of drug products
  • Utilization of continuous manufacturing knowledge and experience
  • Methodologies to evaluate the impact and value of continuous manufacturing
  • Concepts for integrated quality control strategies
  • Application of cutting-edge process simulation and modelling tools to continuous processes
  • Co-authorship of scientific publications and relevant conference presentations
  • Active contribution in defining regulatory requirements of continuous manufacturing processes
A3_Content_Continuous Manufacturing - ECCPM vision and structure 1

Vision and structure of the ECCPM

A3_Content_Continuous Manufacturing - ECCPM vision and structure 2

Vision and structure of the ECCPM

Process Control

  • Model based controller synthesis
  • First principles models
  • Data driven models
  • Model predictive control (MPC)
  • Observer / soft-sensor development
  • Estimate process parameters by means of mathematical models
A3_Content_Continuous Manufacturing - Process Control

Control strategy based on MPC and state observer

Profiling of continuous manufacturing  process options

  • Systematic evaluation of the technical-economical feasibility of pharmaceutical processing options
  • Specifically developed and tested for CM applications
  • Cost, product- and process-specific criteria
  • Semi-quantitative scoring to provide quick summary
  • Risk profiling included
A2_Advanced Drug Delivery Systems - Profiling CM process otpions
Work flow of the techno-economical profiling

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