Feeding and Blending

  • Interaction of material properties and feeder geometry to choose suitable combinations.
  • Characterization of feed deviations and their causes.
  • Relation of material properties and blending mechanism, to choose the appropriate blender.
  • Determination of homogeneity achieved within the blending process via PAT-tools.
  • Development of a knowledge space for the feeder, blender, and combined feeding-blending setup.
Animation of a simplified feeding and continuous blending process


  • Science-based design of tablets considering the impact of micrometrics on processing and pharmaceutical performance
  • Scientific expertise in conventional granulation routes
  • Theoretical and experimental prediction of compaction behavior relevant to critical tablet properties
  • Process development and scale up towards industrial production
  • In-line monitoring of processing (eg. segregation) and final tablet quality
  • Development of continuous tableting routes
  • Novel strategies for production of multi-layer tablets
A3_Conv. Solid Dosage Form Manuf.-Tableting
Particle properties relevant for tableting
A3_Conv. Solid Dosage Form Manuf.-Tableting 2
Continuous direct compaction process inclduing in-line monitoring concept

Capsule Filling

  • Standard and low dose capsule filling for oral and inhalation application with the dosator filling system lab-, pilot- and industrial scale
  • Tamping pin system for standard doses in pilot and industrial scale
  • Microdosing with the gravimetric Microdose system (labscale)
  • Formulation development dedicated to the system and route of administration
  • Model based approach utilizing statistical as well as multi- physics modeling for prediction of capsule filling effiency and process optimization
  • Capsule shell characterization
A3_Conv. Solid Dosage Form Manuf.-Volumetric dosator capsule filling
Volumetric dosator capsule filling
A3_Conv. Solid Dosage Form Manuf.-Gravimetric-vibrating sieve chute system
Gravimetric-vibrating sieve chute system
A3_Conv. Solid Dosage Form Manuf.-Tampin pin capsule filling
Tamping pin capsule filling
A3_Conv. Solid Dosage Form Manuf.