Hot Melt Extrusion

RCPE´s Approach to HME Science

  • Formulation and process development based on QbD principles
  • Process design including upstream and downstream in a continuous environment
  • Multi-scale processing – from early development to final production scale
  • Incorporation of nano-sized particles
  • Variety of downstream technologies
  • Process monitoring and control, application of PAT
  • Development of novel technologies and products
A3_Polymer Processing-Hot Melt Extrusion
Equipment and process sketch of a HME process

Injection Molding (IM)

Combination of mesh-free SPH and Mechanistic 1D Extruder Simulations

  • Cost red
  • Lean solventfree process: mixing, melting & shaping in one operation unit
  • Direct shaping process
  • „One-stop Production“: from powder to product in less than 3 min
  • Production of advanced dosage forms (IVRs, IUDs,…)
  • Production of FDCs: multi component injection molding, co-injection molding
  • Scaleable process: micro to large production scale
A3_Polymer Processing-Injection Molding
Production of solid dosage forms in an one-step injection molding process.

Scale-up of Extrusion Processes

Combination of mesh-free SPH and Mechanistic 1D Extruder Simulations

  • Cost reduction due to in silico predictions of process behaviour
  • In-silico process DoE
  • Investigation of scale-up scenarios
  • Reduction of experiments at setting up a new HME process
  • Investigation of impact of process conditions and screw configuration on the processed material
  • Understanding the flow in different screw elements and mixing investigation
A3_Polymer Processing-Scale-up of Extruison Processes
Screw elements and the their process behavior