Opportunities for Cooperation

RCPE succeeded in becoming a company that provides both scientific excellence and leadership, with a highly professional management of HR, finances and business operations. As a private entity, RCPE offers its partners highly flexible business models that allow to set up particular teams and maximize the cost efficiency.

RCPE’s clients can choose from a wide variety of funded and non-funded cooperation scenarios:

K1 projects

The COMET program features K1-projects that offers many advantages to both scientific and industrial partners (each project consortium must have at least one scientific and two industrial partners). In contrast to other national and international funding programs, K1 funding does not require time-consuming application procedures and has no strict regulations: the project simply has to fit RCPE’s scientific focus and ensure that new scientific know-how is generated. Another advantage is that the consortia of company and scientific project partners do not have to cover the entire research-related project costs.

NonK projects

NonK projects are implemented within the non-sponsored project area, and project costs have to be fully covered by the project consortium. The big advantage is that NonK projects are not bound by strict regulations and can be customized to the needs of a specific client. Particularly for industrial partners that would like to reduce the publicity (e.g., publication of the results is not obligatory), performing a project within the NonK area can be highly attractive. Moreover, it can be combined with a K1 project, offering additional business flexibility.

Funded NonK projects offer an opportunity to significantly reduce the costs of a NonK-project by applying to national and international funding programs (e.g., Framework Program of the European Union).

Within the scope of Contractual Research Projects (Service Projects), RCPE acts as a contractor and provides specific services to one or more clients that fully cover the costs without any internal or external funding. Contractual research projects at RCPE cover a wide span of services, from small studies to long-term projects, with our clients receiving full rights to the project’s results. In this case, combining K1 and NonK-projects can be used as an effective tool of reducing the overall project costs.

Strategic partnerships

RCPE’s strategic partnerships focus on clients that are more interested in long-term cooperation rather than a specific service. In this case, RCPE provides access to its equipment and highly-qualified personnel at competitive rates. The long-term contacts between the clients and RCPE’s employees are highly beneficial for our industrial partners.

Regardless of the cooperation scenario, a perfectly designed one-stop-shop that offers customized package solutions, RCPE is the ideal partner for both science- and business-oriented industries.

Business Development

Massimo Bresciani, ppa.
Executive Director Scientific Operations & Business Development