The crucial success factor of RCPE are highly qualified and committed employees, willing to look at the bigger picture, to leave normal paths and develop their professional as well as their personal potential with us.

Our employees operate in cooperation with our partners’ basic research to permit the production of future high-tech drugs and therapeutics safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-reduced. Due to the competence of developing new products faster and more science-based, the Austrian industry becomes more competitive. We set highest priority in creating an environment where our employees feel comfortable and thereby can contribute and develop their know-how best possible. Mutual trust, fairness, respect and pleasure at work characterize our working environment.

RCPEs Management and Owners pay a special emphasis to improve equal opportunities to achieve the systematic integration of the situations, priorities and needs of women and men into all policies and measures, while taking into account the effects policies and measures have on the situations of both sexes. RCPE has established diverse programs, such as flexible working hours and telecommuting, to support talented staff members, and women in particular, throughout their professional development.

Flexible working hours, flat hierarchies, modern working facilities, excellent communication culture, internationality, good benefits and the development of each individual are just a small foretaste of what to expect from us!


We are always looking for graduates of Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Fluid Dynamics, Chemical / Process Engineering and related subjects to work together with us on application-oriented research projects.

We currently offer following vacancies:

Even if we are not explicitly looking for people with your field of expertise, please do not hesitate to send your application. If you are interested in a varied position which combines research and industry, we would like to hear from you and will keep your application for future reference.


Especially in the summer months we offer internships for students and pupils who are interested in science and technology. The application period runs from December until February.


Sandra Resl
Head of Human Resources

Phone: +43 316 873 30904
Mobile: +43 664 9374050


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Founder and CEO of RCPE Johannes Khinast established the four-semester master’s programme Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering at Graz University of Technology. The programme links the scientific disciplines of Chemistry and Pharmacy with the engineering discipline of Chemical and Process Engineering. In addition to pharmaceutical basics, pharmaceutical production technology and quality management, sterile manufacturing, formulating techniques and galenics, biopharmacy and the basics of the regulatory framework are taught.