Process and Manufacturing Science

Area III focuses on process and manufacturing science. Objectives include solutions to problems associated with pharmaceutical process design, new platforms, scale-up, control and optimization. Within this area, three main themes characterize our efforts: (i) research facilitating the application of continuous manufacturing approaches in pharmaceutical operations, (ii) processes enabling the production of patient centric, personalized medicines, and (iii) online quality assurance and process control. In addition, Area III aims at developing next-generation manufacturing technology based on innovative ideas, i.e., RCPE’s blue-sky technology approach.

In the field of manufacturing science RCPE focuses on manufacturing of solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules. This includes not only unit operations for production of the final drug product, but all established and state of the art upstream unit operations. Process knowledge is available for different granulation routes, drying, filtration and blending as well as auxiliary production equipment such as feeding and material transport and various process analytical technologies. RCPE´s process lab is well equipped with several process technologies like fluid bed systems, hot melt extruders incl. several downstream options, spray dryers, tablet presses and capsule filling systems. The availability of different production scales allows us to support all kind of scale up validations and considerations performed by our simulation area.


Area Leader

Dr. Wen-Kai Hsiao
Process and Manufacturing Scienc

Phillip Clarke
Process and Manufacturing Science