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June 2021

Takeda, RCPE, InSilicoTrials and University of Graz partner up to optimize manufacturing process of biopharmaceuticals

The joint project will allow one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to increase scientific understanding of current and future manufacturing processes while accelerating the go-to-market of new drug formulations.

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October 2020

RCPE awarded two FDA contracts for next-generation pharma technology

RCPE has been awarded FDA funding for two projects commencing in the 4th quarter of 2020. The projects will focus on utilising advanced technologies to improve production processes within Pharma. With an average of only 5 – 10 projects awarded to EU companies by the FDA each year, this development represents a landmark achievement for RCPE and reflects the potential impact of these projects within the global pharma industry.

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May 2020

COVID-19: Graz Chemists want to eliminate drug shortages using state-of-the-art technology

One of the most promising drugs against Covid-19, the disease that causes coronavirus, is Remdesivir. Researchers in Graz are currently testing a more efficient production method using flow chemistry.

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May 2020

Coronavirus can’t stop the pharmaceutical location Styria!

Styria confirms its role as a first-class life science location and welcomes the international pharmaceutical company Grey Pharma GmbH.

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April 2020

The active ingredient alone does not solve the problem…

At present, hopes for a sustainable solution to the corona crisis rest on finding as quickly as possible suitable active ingredients for the treatment of patients and for preventive vaccination. However, it must also be possible to produce these active ingredients in the shortest possible time. With traditional methods, this process takes once again months. With the “high-speed technology” developed at RCPE, the production of new active ingredients can be massively accelerated.

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March 2020

Joerg Breitenbach Inducted into Medical and Biological Engineering Elite

The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) has announced the induction of Joerg Breitenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and Scientific Advisor, BIT Pharma to its College of Fellows.
Dr. Breitenbach was nominated, reviewed, and elected by peers and members of the College of Fellows for “outstanding contributions in development and commercialization of patient centric polymer based dosage forms in infectious diseases and neurological interventions.” […]

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October 2019

RCPE’s ConsiGmaTM CTL 25 Line is celebrating its first anniversary

Over the past 12 months our researchers have been working with multiple, large pharmaceutical companies, gaining experience and expertise on the transition from batch to continuous manufacturing (CM).
Thanks to a strategic partnership with GEA and our ConsiGmaTM CTL 25 line, we now have a deep understanding of CM processes: we know how the single units interact, where and why problems arise, and how to overcome them. […]

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February 2018

RCPE and Perceptive Engineering solidify partnership to accelerate adoption of Advanced Process Controls

The Austrian based Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE), an independent R&D Center specialized in advanced manufacturing science and pharmaceutical engineering, and Perceptive Engineering Limited, leading provider for automated, advanced process control solutions, jointly announce the formation of a technology partnership to drive and accelerate the adoption of Advanced Process Control (APC) within the pharmaceutical industry. By combining excellent, complementary expertise, the companies can investigate, develop and offer integrated solutions to improve the precision, robustness and continuous process verification of pharmaceutical manufacturing systems. […]

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Juli 2018

Neues Zeitalter in der personalisierten Medizin

Das Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE) baut seine Position als führendes Forschungszentrum im Bereich der personalisierten Medizin weiter aus. Die letztes Jahr eröffnete Pilotfabrik erhielt nun um rund 5 Millionen Euro eine Erweiterung. Mit der Consigma™ CTL 25 können in einer Kompakteinheit aus Pulver beschichtete Tabletten auch in Kleinmengen hergestellt werden – ideal für die Entwicklung von neuen Arzneimitteln und den dazugehörigen Produktionsprozessen. So können neue, auch personalisierte Medikamente rascher auf den Markt gebracht werden. […]

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