In close cooperation with scientific and industrial partners across the globe, over 130 scientists conduct applied and interdisciplinary research projects to provide the necessary tools, methodologies and solutions to enable the rapid development of innovative pharmaceutical products and the economic, sustainable production.

We focus on the following three fields:

Our organization is segmented into three areas, conducting interdisciplinary research:

AREA I – Modeling & Prediction

Area I focuses on the development of predictive tools for modeling and simulation of (bio)pharmaceutical products as well as associated manufacturing processes.

AREA II – Advanced Products & Delivery

Area II addresses the development of novel products and innovative drug delivery approaches. The focus is on poorly solubles, inhalative and oral drug delivery systems, individualized and personalized medicine and patient-centric formulations.

Area III – Process & Manufacturing Science

Area III concentrates on process and manufacturing science. At the center of our research are issues associated with process design, scale-up control and optimization as well as the development of new platform technologies and process control methods.