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The Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE) and CMAC (Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation) announce a new international partnership to accelerate progress in advanced manufacturing for pharmaceuticals. By combining their world-leading and, complementary expertise and facilities this partnership provides a single-source platform for accessing new product and process design knowledge.

The collaboration will support pharmaceutical companies in their efforts to modernize their manufacturing processes, by providing the necessary predictive tools, methods, and design approaches to fully realize the potential of regulatory and industry-driven initiatives such as Quality-by-Design (QbD). These new technologies offer the possibility to not only disrupt but revolutionize the access to medicine and pharmaceuticals whilst, the strict requirements for quality, safety, and performance must be assured.

A step ahead through cooperation

“It is our goal to expedite drug development from R&D to commercial production while at the same mitigating risk and improving regulatory submissions,“ stated Prof. Dr. Johannes Khinast, CEO and Scientific Director of RCPE, “The cooperation of both centers will deliver unmatched platform research scale and capabilities across drug substances and  manufacturing technology that will benefit industrial partners.”

“The partnership provides a platform to grow our collaboration with RCPE and accelerate key areas of manufacturing research aligned with the fundamental needs of our industry partners,“ said Prof. Alastair Florence, EPSRC CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub Director, “This also creates exciting opportunities to ensure that our research is translated to an industrial reality more quickly than is currently possible, ultimately improving the lives of patients.”


While collaborative research projects and joint development of innovative technology and solutions remain the focal point of the partnership, both centers will engage in joint activities aiming to further connect scientists, experts from industry and regulatory offices. “CMAC and RCPE are already part of the I2APM Initiative and we will continue to expand our efforts to create a vibrant international community of researchers,“ said Massimo Bresciani, Executive Director of Scientific Operations & Business Development (ppa.), RCPE. “Training and preparing all stakeholders of the industry is essential to maximizing the impact for the end user.” Furthermore, regular conferences, visits, and exchanges of researchers of RCPE and CMAC help to facilitate an exchange of ideas and provide new perspectives. “To us, science & research has always been a collective effort. When we are able to work together, anything is possible”, adds Craig Johnston, Industry Director of CMAC.


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Head of Marketing & PR

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