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Technology Partnership with Perceptive

Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering and Perceptive Engineering solidify partnership to accelerate adoption of Advanced Process Control in pharmaceutical manufacturing systems.

The Austrian based Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE), an independent R&D Center specialized in advanced manufacturing science and pharmaceutical engineering, and Perceptive Engineering Limited, leading provider for automated, advanced process control solutions, jointly announce the formation of a technology partnership to drive and accelerate the adoption of Advanced Process Control (APC) within the pharmaceutical industry. By combining excellent, complementary expertise, the companies can investigate, develop and offer integrated solutions to improve the precision, robustness, and continuous process verification of pharmaceutical manufacturing systems.

Develop products faster

Particularly, as continuous manufacturing gains momentum in the pharma and life science industry, possibly allowing companies to develop products faster while reducing costs and increasing flexibility, technology providers must provide supervisory systems to control equipment as well as integrate material and PAT characteristics to constantly meet quality and safety requirements. The partnership further solidifies the existing collaboration between RCPE and Perceptive as well as shared corporate partners. Together, the partnership further solidifies the existing collaboration between RCPE and Perceptive as well as shared corporate partners. Together, the companies can provide pharmaceutical companies with the opportunity to explore optimized design spaces, evaluate (in-line) process analytical technologies and ensure seamless transfer through Perceptive’s modular software solution. Ultimately, creating a comprehensive Quality by Design toolset, ready for verification and implementation, delivering better and safer drug products to patients.

Cooperation strengthens Portfolio

“We welcome the opportunity to work more closely with Perceptive Engineering. By integrating our research and advanced capabilities in PAT, model predictive control and mechanistic modeling with Perceptive’s industrially proven solution, we can offer partners not only the latest in science and technology but ensure that they can realize its full potential in their own processes”, stated Massimo Bresciani, Executive Director Scientific Operations and Business Development of RCPE. “We are looking forward to developing a close collaboration with RCPE, who is recognized as a prestigious leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing research”, added David Lovett, Managing Director of Perceptive Engineering. “Our two organizations will be able to offer complementary skills, experience, tools, and techniques that will help meet current and future pharma challenges.”


Constantin Schmidt, BA MA MA
Head of Marketing & PR

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