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Over 150 scientists conduct applied and interdisciplinary research projects in close cooperation with our global scientific and industrial partners. We provide the tools, methodologies, and solutions necessary to enable the rapid development of innovative pharmaceutical products and their production.

We focus on the following three fields:

Our organization is segmented into four cross-functional areas:

AREA I – Science of Quality

Uses tailored computational tools to enhance the mechanistic understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and products.

AREA II – Advanced Formulations

Develops physicochemical and predictive bases for addressing drug formulation and delivery challenges (poor solubility and stability) for oral, buccal, inhalation, and implant products of small and large drug molecules.

Area III – Next-Generation Manufacturing

Develops innovative process engineering solutions, linking predictive models and product performance data to enhance product quality.

Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing

Develops robust flow processes for the sustainable manufacturing of APIs and intermediates, implementing advanced process control strategies.